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The Feast is an Interfaith youth work charity, which promotes community cohesion through the establishing of relationships between young people from different faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicities.


Through building confidence within their identity and beliefs, the young people are facilitated in recognising and fighting prejudice to establish vibrant and united communities.


Our aim is to bring young people from different faiths and cultures to build friendships, explore faith and change lives. 


We work by building good relationships with groups of young people and then invite them to ‘encounter’ events where they can meet one another. The relationships between the young people are developed in distinctive ways, as their varied communities have different structures and youth programmes based on faith and culture.


All our events are totally youth focussed and a typical event involves warm up activities, discussion starters, group work, games, and refreshments. We adopt good youth work practice and have the interests and needs of the young people at heart.

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