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Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination, empowers young people in mainstream schools to learn about and act against all forms of discrimination and racism, with a specific focus on antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred. Framed within a broad conversation about the Equality Act (2010) and British Values, the workshops support young people in how to safely challenge and report hate crime.  

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Stand Up! currently employs two facilitators from Jewish and Muslim backgrounds, modelling a partnership of interfaith collaboration and demonstrating how groups which are often perceived as oppositional, can work together successfully. The sessions are fully interactive and promote a safe and open dialogue between young people. 


Since the projects launch in January 2017, it has delivered free sessions to over 40,000 young people in over 93 schools around the UK, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and teachers.


This is an interfaith programme led by Maccabi GB and CST. The programme is currently funded by the Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime, the Betty Messenger Charitable Foundation, MHCLG and Facebook. It is supported by Tell MAMA and other organisations.

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