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Southwark muslim forum 

"Empowering Diversity, Fostering Unity"


 Southwark Muslim Forum (SMF), an established representative body celebrating over  20 years of commitment to Southwark's vibrant Muslim community. Our initiatives bridge gaps, nurture understanding, and amplify voices.


Discover our journey:

Founded two decades ago, SMF unites Muslims, Muslim organizations, and businesses, embodying harmony in diversity.


Our Impactful Ventures:

From the groundbreaking Peace by Peace exhibition to raising awareness about AIDS in Africa post 7/7, SMF has consistently collaborated with our esteemed partner, Southwark Council.



Empowering Unity:

This festival transcends faith, uniting Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It signifies hope, especially in challenging times, reaffirming the cohesion that defines Southwark's heart. In the face of adversity, we stand together—showcasing a united front against disillusionment.


Join SMF in empowering diversity, nurturing unity, and shaping a harmonious future for all.

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