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shared lives barnet


What is Shared Lives Barnet?

Shared Lives in Barnet matches an individual with care and support needs with highly trained Carers (based on their care needs).  

Unlike traditional forms of support, this service provides a person-centred approach to care, delivered in the Carer’s home.   

Shared Lives provides individuals with the opportunity to receive the care they require in a natural home-style environment. 

The service focuses on building a strong relationship between the individual and the Carer, along with those in the carer's circle of family and friends, even the family pet! 

The service is available to individuals aged 16 and over with a care and support need.  


What is a Shared Lives Carer?

Is someone who shares their home and family life with an individual with care and support needs. 

This can be done where the individual lives with the SL Carer, stays overnight, or visits for a few hours. 

Carers support individuals by helping them become independent and provide support within a family environment, in which, the Individual can thrive in.  

Support can vary depending on the individual’s needs which might look like: 

Helping the individual with dressing  

Cook and meal preparation 

Going to appointments 

Meeting friends and attending community events 

Reaching their goals  


The Benefits of Shared Lives

The individual can visit their Shared Lives carer for a few hours during the day, stay the night or even choose to move-in, and live with them and share in their life. 

This is a community and strengths-based approach to enable people to live meaningful and fulfilled lives, which is done by sharing a home and becoming part of a family. 

Shared Lives gives you the flexibility and the control to choose your Carer, home environment, and lifestyle through our matching process.    


Shared Lives can work in many ways 

Shared Lives can provide you with different options of support based on your circumstances. 

Options include Day support where you can visit your Shared Lives carer during the day to enjoy various activities such as baking, arts and crafts or walks in the park. 

Overnight support is where you can visit your SL Carer and stay overnight for a few nights or in a regular arrangement.  

Live-in support is where you move into your carer’s home and share in their life completely.  

This could be an ideal option for when you need a break from your main care provider, or if you would like to take it step by step in your Shared Lives journey.   


The Shared Lives Service 

The SL Carers we match you with, go through a stringent assessment process before they are approved as SL Carers.  Some of the checks we carry out include assessments on their home, vehicles, employment, and health.  

They are DBS checked, referenced, and carefully assessed and are reviewed annually. All Carers are regularly supervised and trained according to the standards covered in the care certificate.  

We have a diverse group of Carers; from various backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and religions, who we can match with you. 


Who can become a Shared Lives Carer? 

SL Carers do not require any qualifications or previous experience working in the care sector.  Full training for this role will be provided, including specialist care support training.  

A few characteristics we look for: 

a caring personality  

have enthusiasm and commitment to the role 

ability to empower and build confidence 

provide a safe living family environment 

All potential applicants go through an intensive recruitment and assessment process before they are approved as Shared Lives Carers. 


Would you like to become a Shared Lives Carer? 

Start your Shared Lives journey today! 

Visit our website or contact us today, we would be happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

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