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Sudanese Community And Information Centre in London 


We are running firstly to encourage fitness as a key to good physical and mental health, also to show solidarity in support for refuges of wars who may have been running for hours even days a way from their homes and their whole lives with nothing more then the  clothes on their backs, in order to save their lives
and especially to highlight the plight of women, children and all the most vulnerable of war.

My name is Hagir Ahmed l have 30 experience helping and assisting the most vulnerable causalities, victims, refugees of war and natural disasters internationally having experienced war myself as a child l understand the lifelong trauma and impacts that the mental and physical scars of war can leave. We are raising funds in order to fund a non toxic and non invasive trauma relief program for young survivors of war natural disasters and FGM Female Genital Mutilation . Any help large or small all donations and support would be much appreciated. 

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