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MTO Shahmaghsoudi® – School of Islamic Sufism® is an international non-profit organisation with centres spanning six continents, with over a million strong community and over 3 million online taking part in our weekly online live webcast sessions. The history of the school dates back 1,400 years ago to the time of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the founder of the school, Oveys Gharani. The knowledge and practices of the school have been handed down through a succession of masters, from Oveys Gharani to the current Sufi Master, Professor Nader Angha.


Our activities span a range of sustainable, community, charitable, and learning initiatives such as interfaith efforts; disaster response including those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; youth mentorship and support; Sufi concentration and meditation (Tamarkoz®); Sufi psychology; and arts & culture including Sufi zekr and music.

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