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mindfulness network for people of colour


MNPC (Mindfulness Network for People of Colour) ​ MNPC is a co-operative and community interest company. We are mindfulness teachers, therapists and alternative healers who share practices around preventative medicine and healing from ancestral wounds and transgeneral truama. We are trained and qualified practitioners within respected modalities of mental health and primary focus on grief and berevement as nativating tool. 

In addition to cultivating spaces that address the disparities in services, and structural inequalities, we bring our own cultural richness and heritage to healing spaces. Our services include bereavement spaces, forest retreats, vipassana retreats, and mindfulness courses. We help develop resilience, compassion, forgiveness, and agency, and help build a positive sense of belonging and identity. 


Our next event is a 9 day virtual event for people of colour in November and a 'Grief Space' online event in January (Open to everyone) 

The 5th MNPC Annual Empowerment Mindfulness Retreat

From Saturday 18th November 2023 - Sunday 26th November 2023

‘Transforming Communities - Creating Our Cultural Calm’

Greetings, this is our 5th annual retreat that is orientated and dedicated towards those who identify as People of Colour. The event has been shaped by leading Mindfulness practitioners, speakers, and healers across the globe, and offers cultural perspectives and exploration of key themes for our empowerment; cultural identity, authenticity, mindful practice for healing finding our true narratives to transcend the ravages of racism, micro-aggression and compounded discrimination.

It is becoming imperative for People of Colour to find safe spaces for our wellness, inclusion, resilience and longevity. With the growing world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we find that those most marginalised will be challenged to dig deep and hold on to ancient and modern practices and tools to find new and transformative ways to adapt in a changing environment, and still retain what is their foundation to being compassionate beings. The 9-Days (not full days) of practice will help ground our Communities to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually rooted, leaving behind the feelings and triggers of exclusion and rejection, for personal and collective liberation. I sincerely hope that you join us in this opportunity to deepen our cultural connections, connect with mind, body, and spirit through mindful practice and contemplation, to cultivate self- compassion and transformational change.

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