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Mitzvah Day brings thousands of people together, to give our most valuable possession: our time. We strive to make a positive difference in the communities around us on Mitzvah Day and throughout the year by encouraging and celebrating volunteering and building relationships with people we may not usually meet to build a strong civil society.
On Mitzvah Day, communities and individuals are empowered to engage in a wide variety of social action projects, including visiting older or lonely people; collecting clothing to donate to refugees; replenishing food bank stores; cooking for homeless people, and taking part in environmental projects. All these projects facilitate genuine connections between communities, individuals, and the charities they support, using social action as the way to connect.
Our theme this year, of Repairing the World and caring for the people around us is integral to Judaism, to other faiths or belief values and, indeed, to Mitzvah Day itself.  Our theme aims to remind us that we can all play a part, however big or small, in helping to heal our increasingly damaged world and to reconsider the ways in which we use and misuse it. This year we aim to give our time as, collectively, to address the human inflicted damage both on vulnerable people and on our precious fragile environment.   
Our projects will focus on three areas: Loneliness, Hunger, and the Earth. This year in particular, we will
•        Offer connection to people who are lonely 
•        Collect food and feed people who are hungry 
•        Repair damage inflicted on our planet through planting and cleaning. 
The challenges in today’s world feel so monumental that it can be hard to know where to start. On Mitzvah Day, with our neighbours, we encourage and support everyone to celebrate the real difference we can make, through hands on action for the sake of our today and our tomorrow. We are partnering with some exceptional national and Jewish charities and, by focusing on a few key projects, we aim collectively to make a greater impact.   
Every project can easily be adapted for local conditions and to support local charities.  
As ever, all Mitzvah Day projects aim to bring people together wherever they are, and however much time they have to give. We reach out to our neighbours and invite them to take part, building long term connections and friendships locally, where it matters. 
Additionally, all projects can be done once, twice, or every day of the year!
Join us on November 19th to participate in Mitzvah Day 2023. 

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