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London Islamic Cultural Society


23rd July 1983, London Islamic Cultural Society was formed in the home of President Abdool & Sister Raheema Alli by a small group of Muslims predominantly from Guyana, South America,
who saw the need to bring together its members both religiously and socially.

The primary aim of the Society was to engage, communicate and support the diverse community by establishing a Mosque/Cultural Centre and to provide essential services which would also benefit the wider multi-ethnic community. LICS was officially registered in 1983 as a charity.


LICS is a unique and dynamic organisation who work in partnership with communities to provide essential services to our users and local community. We provide educational services, youth programmes, counseling, advice on welfare benefits, marriages, conversions, support with problems such as relationship breakdown, funerals, and support for the elderly and families, observance of Islamic events, in addition to religious guidance. The future of our communities’ rests in the hands of our youths, they need guidance and support to understand and shape the future. LICS are committed to working for peace and harmony within our communities.

• 6th July 1987, LICS purchased our current site at 389-395 Wightman Road.
• 12th July 2002 the first purpose-built LICS Mosque in Haringey was opened.
• June 2013 new three floor building erected and used in the month of Ramadan.
• From one community, LICS is now represented by over 45 ethnic groups.

Our President, Brother Abdool Alli his visionary leadership, his foresight and burning
ambition to succeed and to provide something for our community has been fully realised. He
was blessed and supported by his Trustees and congregation; many were instrumental in
walking with him on this journey.

11th MARCH 2018 – LICS founder and president returned to Allah, his work entrusted to him
by Allah completed.

On 12 December 2019 LICS appointed Sister Bibi Rabbiyah Khan as President. This was
significant as Sister Bibi is the first woman to lead.

Together we have established an amazing, unique and dynamic House of Allah, a home for
our community, our children and their families. 

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