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Hebrew order of david


We are an International Jewish organisation which provides our members the opportunity to get involved in meaningful charitable and community projects.

Our members decide which projects they want to support, and our organisation rallies around to bring it to life through hands-on events, fundraisers and much more.

This year HOD has partnered globally with Maccabi FLF to establish and participate in numerous fun runs across the world.  In all HOD cities within Canada, USA, South Africa, Israel and the UK, HOD has undertaken a global initiative to raise money and awareness within our communities.


For 2021, HOD will be supporting local children’s charities in a drive to promote Children’s Health and Wellbeing. 


HOD (UK) have agreed to run for KEF Kids, a fantastic London based charity, who provide amazing support to children and young adults suffering with physical and learning disabilities.


All money raised by HOD will be donated through to KEF Kids.


Why not join our team and run for this amazing cause!


HOD Locations Worldwide


Atlanta   Boca Raton   Dallas   Houston   San Diego  Toronto   Johannesburg Cape Town Port Elizabeth   Durban   East London   Jerusalem   Ra’anana   London

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