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Homeless action in barnet


Since our doors opened in 1997, HAB has been offering support and advice to people experiencing homelessness and people at risk of losing their home in Barnet. Around 700 people a year contact and use our services – receiving immediate practical support such as clothing, food and access to medical support through to developing specific action plans created with a dedicated support officer to help them move forward. During COVID our Centre never closed and we supported over 175 people a week with food and basics. Our services have expanded in recent years to offer support to over 50 people in hostel and other accommodation - many of whom have experienced rough sleeping. We help people to plan and ‘move on’ and rebuild their lives. Supporting HAB means helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community who may be at their lowest point. In the words of some of our clients:

DD male client:

"I had a breakdown. I quit my job, which was contributing to my declining mental health, I was suffering with a breakdown in relationships within my family and combined, this resulted in me having no job and nowhere to live I was homeless. Dealing with the internal shame and embarrassment of my situation with addition to suffering from severe depression, it took me a while to swallow my pride and seek help from Homeless Action in Barnet. From the first moment I saw K (support officer at HAB), her understanding and sympathetic attitude helped make a very distressing and stressful situation for myself easier to cope and deal with. She was able to place me in a hostel. My Support worker helped me to start therapy with Jeff, I felt she took the time to listen and understand some of the challenges I was dealing with. Earlier in the year I was told the hostel I was staying at was being refurbished and that alternative accommodation would be needed. My Support Officer walked me through the whole process and was invaluable in securing suitable accommodation and preparing me for moving on to the next stage in my life."

Female Client supported to find safe accommodation: 

“An hour after being at HAB, I felt like I was finally being heard. I was given advice and provided with a warm meal ….. Going there was the best decision I ever made. Receiving support was all I needed that day to help me move forward…..I was honest [about my background] and surprisingly I wasn’t judged at all which made me feel good and accepted. Thanks to HAB in the midst of losing a new job, my sister going to the hospital, my finances suffering – they gave me a home and importantly support. All I needed was a place of my own and a foundation to get back on my feet and plan my next step”.

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