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Volunteers on Wheels, began life supporting numerous parts of the NHS , hospices and hostels in the early days of the Covid pandemic in 2020 with the delivery of prepared meals . We gradually introduced the support of food banks after the initial intense hiatus of the virus until they became our main focus in the autumn of 2020 . We now transfer food and other essential supplies in bulk for around 35 food banks and other humanitarian charities . Our partners currently report providing over 1 million food parcels every year to vulnerable people struggling with food poverty and insecurity and regularly describe our support as " the vital link " in their delivery . In addition to the support of many vulnerable people our service helps to prevent the waste of  100s of tonnes of consumable food diverting it from landfill and each van trip potentially transfers the equivalent of 11 - 13 standard cars thus making a significant net reduction of emissions  into the atmosphere and considerable benefits to our charitable partners' limited resources . 

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Volunteers on Wheels was registered as a charity in 2022 with a defined non discriminatory ethos and principles. We support food banks from several  different faith , community and secular groups . Although the founders and most of the current volunteer team are Jewish we proudly support a number of mosque and church based food banks including the delivery of 700 meals per night to 1 N London mosque throughout  Ramadan 2020 . One of our most memorable days involved our team of a  Church of England warden partnering with a secular Jew collecting food from the largest UK Sikh temple ( in Slough ) and delivering it to a hub founded by a Jewish woman supporting around 16 food banks including several from the Muslim and Catholic communities. 
We are currently recruiting volunteers from all backgrounds and welcome enquiries from anyone interested in experiencing our support work first hand. 


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