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We are volunteers representing the diverse faith communities and organisations across Barnet.


  • We come together to engage in dialogue which aims to promote social cohesion and oppose prejudice, injustice, and bigotry.

  • We uphold the right to practice our religion, faith and customs in safe neighbourhoods.

  • We advocate to ensure that values of freedom of expression are safeguarded.

  • We aim to build bridges of trust and confidence based on greater understanding and knowledge of each other’s faiths, beliefs and customs.

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  • We ensure that faith communities have a voice in relevant matters affecting issues of faith and belief in the Borough.

  • We celebrate cultural diversity and recognise the additional value this brings to the Borough.

  • We support social action projects designed to enhance the environment and living conditions of all in the Borough.

  • We recognise that volunteering is the life blood of communities upholding civic responsibility.


We celebrate that thousands of different people from diverse backgrounds willingly and freely give of their time and energy.

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