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Hundreds of runners and spectators from diverse faith and belief communities came together for the third London Interfaith Fun Run, on 3rd September 2023 at StoneX Stadium, Barnet. This incredible event is a day of togetherness, positivity, and fun, for all communities. 

The London Interfaith Fun Run is an amazing opportunity to send a message; we are on the side of friendship regardless of differences. 

The event is organised by The Faith & Belief Forum and Maccabi GB with the generous support of Dangoor Education and other sponsors. We are also delighted to have the support of the Greater London Lieutenancy’s Council of Faith.


We are delighted that so many participating charities fundraised for their important causes through the London Interfaith Fun Run platform.

Maccabi Faith Run 2023 Charities and Schools.png


See below the highlights from last year's London Interfaith Fun Run!


6813 Maccabi Faith Run 2023 Sponsor Socials INSTA v7.png


If you are a charity or a participant and you would like further information, please submit your query below.

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